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African Fiction
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In this stunning collection, colourful characters speak triumphantly of the enigma and beauty that i..

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Invisible Borders by Zaynab Alkali

Invisible Borders is the story of first loves who were destined to be married. Safia and Sam reunite..

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James Patterson Collection

James Patterson 6 Books Collection Set Alex Cross RRP: £43.94 TITLES IN THIS SET * The Midnight Club..

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Jodi Picoult Collection

Jodi Picoult Romance Fiction Collection 18 Book Set includes Vanishing Acts, Nineteen Minutes, Secon..

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Journey of One

Journey of OneJourney of One is a pinnacle live performance captured during the zenithof Steve Roach..

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Kemi' Journal

Kemi's Journal is the story of a twenty-something high-flying London advertising executive. Kemi h..

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King of the Jungle

In King of the Jungle, the bouts of ethno-religious violence in Jos are fused with the heartbreaking..

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In 1754, Kintu Kidda, Ppookino of Buddu Province, in the kingdom of Buganda, sets out on a journey t..

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Knowing God Intimately

Using Scripture and powerful real-life examples, Joyce Meyer reveals that we, not God, determine our..

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Lie to Me, Dan

A thrilling tale of passion and ambition set in the fascinating world of a Nigerian University...

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London Cape Town Joburg

1994. The world is about to change. The first truly democratic election in South Africa’s history is..

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Long Shadows

When Sol persuades almost all of ShadowClan to give up belief in StarClan,&..

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Love & God by Oyindamola Depo-Oyedokun

Love & God explores the life of Feyikemi, her choices and the effects on those around her. The b..

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love Does Not Win Elections

love does not win elections by ayisha osori..

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Love Me Tender

There is more going on in rural Buckleigh than meets the eye in this brilliant follow-up to the high..

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Lyrics Alley

Lyrics Alley is the evocative story of an affluent Sudanese family shaken by the shifting power..

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Mamud & the Moringa Tree by Bob Etemiku

This is a book for children aged 5-14. It is a story about a boy's friendship with a tree. The theme..

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Maya Angelou: Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now

Maya Angelou: Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Nowby Maya Angelou..

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Mayowa and the Masquerades by Lola Shoneyin

Mayowa is unhappy because he has been told he will be visiting his grandmother in Ilisan. When he ge..

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Measuring Time

Helon Habila’s Measuring Time  is the story of twin brothers, their family and the people that ..

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